Yale Community Compact

Yale University Graduate, Professional and Undergraduate Student Community Compact

Recognizing the interdependence of all members of our community and my responsibilities as a Yale student, I commit to contributing to campus life in a way that will promote the health and safety of all community members. We can only be at our best when we trust, value, and respect one another. I will do my part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by making my own health and safety and that of others a priority.  I will abide by any federal, state, local and Yale public health guidance and protocols.  Some of this guidance and these protocols relate specifically to students living in on-campus residences and Yale’s residential colleges, while others relate to all students who attend classes or participate in other on-campus activities.  I recognize that, based on public health circumstances, guidance and protocols will likely change, sometimes abruptly, and I agree to keep myself informed and to follow any new guidance and protocols.

Specifically, I commit to the following:

Testing and Contact Tracing

  • I will participate in regular, routine COVID-19 testing, through the Yale COVID-19 Screening Program, including testing prior to/upon arrival and during my time on campus.
  • I will use only my own Yale identification card when accessing any buildings and spaces on the university campus that require swipe access. 
  • I will participate in the contact tracing program as requested and I will share complete information with contact tracers about others who may be exposed.

Self-Isolation and Self-Quarantine

  • If I test positive for COVID-19 and am required to isolate, or I learn that I have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and am required to quarantine, I will follow Yale’s instructions which may include remaining in my residence or relocating to another university space for a designated number of days. 

Health and Hygiene

  • I will complete Yale’s health and safety training program as part of my return to campus.
  • I will screen myself daily for symptoms, and if I have any symptoms, I will immediately call Yale Health and will comply with the medical instructions I am given.  An up-to-date list of COVID-19 symptoms may be found here.
  • I will be vaccinated with the flu vaccine when vaccinations become available at Yale Health.
  • I will practice good personal hygiene consistent with public health protocols, such as frequent hand washing for twenty seconds, use of hand sanitizers before and after leaving campus buildings, and wiping down surfaces myself when arriving at and upon leaving a communal or community space. 
  • I will abide by protocols Yale establishes for hygiene in the use of shared bathrooms. 

Social Distancing, Face Coverings and other Behavioral Requirements

  • I will maintain whenever feasible a distance of six feet between myself and any other person, with the understanding that I do not have to maintain six feet distance from my suitemates or from a guest within my own room.
  • I will wear an appropriate face covering in all shared community spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, hallways in academic and residential buildings, residential and academic common areas, laboratories and libraries, outdoor campus spaces and courtyards; while in transit between classes, on campus pathways; and during meetings or gatherings with other students, staff or faculty.
  • I will adhere to all protocols Yale establishes for in-person class attendance. 
  • I will follow directional signs on pathways and in buildings.
  • I will follow protocols for group gatherings both indoors and outdoors. I will neither host nor participate in any gathering that exceeds the protocol limits.
  • I will not invite or host non-Yale-affiliated individuals, nor Yale affiliates not currently authorized for in-person attendance, to or on campus without advance permission from a person designated by my school.
  • I will observe social distancing within dining halls and all dining service protocols.
  • Out of respect for the health and safety of the New Haven community, I will follow protocols to limit exposure established by the State of Connecticut or the City of New Haven.
  • I will remain in Connecticut during the fall semester on-campus period ending November 21. If I must travel during this period, I will notify a person designated by my school and will follow any protocol Yale establishes for my return to campus which may include testing and quarantine.

Commitment to the Community Compact

I understand that I must adopt behaviors that advance our collective ability to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  I commit to doing my part and meeting my obligations to my community.

If at any point I am unable to meet the commitments I am making to my fellow community members in this compact, I will remove myself from campus and complete the semester remotely.  If I do not take this step myself, I understand that I will have forfeited the privilege of remaining on campus and, in order to promote health and safety, the university may take administrative action to prohibit me from participating in any in-person campus activities, including residency.

Sign the Compact

See the Yale Community Compact Enforcement page for additional information on these commitments and how the Yale Community Compact will be enforced.