Yale Community Compact

Yale University Graduate, Professional, and Undergraduate Student Community Compact

Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023

Graduate, Professional, and Undergraduate Students

Recognizing the interdependence of all members of our community and my responsibilities as a Yale student, I commit to contributing to university and campus life in a way that will promote the health and safety of all community members. We can only be at our best when we trust, value, and respect one another. I will do my part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by making my own health and safety and that of others a priority. I will abide by any federal, state, local, and Yale public health guidance and protocols whether I am on or off campus.

I recognize that, based on public health circumstances, guidance and protocols will likely change, sometimes abruptly, and I agree to keep myself informed and to follow the current guidance and protocols posted at https://covid19.yale.edu/. I also recognize that this Compact applies to me whether or not I have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

As a condition of my enrollment, student employment, or other activity on campus, specifically, I commit to the following:

Vaccination Requirements
  • I will be fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine or obtain a medical exemption or religious exemption (not available during Summer term to students who are not regularly enrolled in Yale College) by the date of my scheduled return to campus. If I fail to do so, I recognize the university will impose a public health withdrawal or leave of absence and I will not be allowed to participate in the Summer 2022, Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 terms until I am in compliance.
  • I will obtain any recommended Covid-19 booster vaccinations as directed.
  • I will obtain the current flu vaccine as soon as it is available.
Testing and Contact Tracing
  • I will participate in any required COVID-19 testing through the Yale COVID-19 Testing Program. (https://covid19.yale.edu/testing).
  • I will participate in the contact tracing program as requested and I will share complete information with contact tracers.
Isolation and Quarantine
  • If I test positive for COVID-19 and am required to isolate or if university policy requires me to quarantine for any reason, I will follow Yale’s instructions, which may include testing and remaining in my residence or relocating to another university space until I am released by Yale Health.
Health and Hygiene
  • If I have any symptoms, I will immediately call Yale Health and will comply with the medical instructions I am given. An up-to-date list of COVID-19 symptoms may be found here (https://yalehealth.yale.edu/covid-19-monitor-your-health).
  • I will abide by any protocols Yale establishes for personal hygiene.
Social Distancing, Face Coverings and other Behavioral Requirements
  • I will follow all requirements the university establishes with respect to social distancing and face coverings, recognizing that different requirements may apply to different individuals, spaces, and activities, and that these requirements may change over time.
  • I will adhere to all protocols Yale establishes for in-person class attendance.
  • I will follow health and safety protocols for indoor and outdoor group events, gatherings, or meetings organized for either academic or social purposes, whether or not university sponsored.
  • I will neither host nor participate in any event, gathering, or meeting that does not follow the protocols, including limits on number of participants whether on or off campus.
  • I will neither host nor invite to campus anyone who is not authorized to be on campus without advance permission from my school’s Health and Safety Leader (HSL) or their designee.
  • Out of respect for the health and safety of the New Haven community, I will follow protocols to limit exposure established by the State of Connecticut or the City of New Haven.
Travel Outside Connecticut

I will abide by any health and safety measures the university requires for return to campus after travel outside Connecticut, which may include testing and quarantine.

Inability to Continue to Participate in the Summer 2022, Fall 2022, or Spring 2023 semesters

If at any point I am unable to meet the commitments I am making to my fellow community members in this Compact, I realize I may have forfeited the privilege of continuing to participate in the current semester and, in order to promote the health and safety of our community, the university may take administrative action to protect the community, by placing me on a public health withdrawal or leave of absence.

Compact Enforcement

See the Yale Community Compact Enforcement page for additional information on these commitments and how the Yale Community Compact will be enforced.


For questions about your own compliance, contact your Health and Safety Leader (HSL).