How do I select a course within the Faculty Dashboard?

Once logged in via Yale’s central authentication service (CAS), the faculty dashboard will default to the instructors’ courses and the current term.  Course evaluations are searchable by term, instructor name and/or teaching fellow, subject and course number.


More than one term can be selected if an instructor is selected.  If an instructor is not selected, only one term can be selected at a time.


To select an instructor/TF, please start typing their name or netid in the Instructor field.  A list of instructors will appear that match the criteria.  Click on the instructor’s name to select.


To only display courses within a Subject, please select a Subject from drop down list.

Course Number:

To search for a course, please enter the course number (an instructor is required when a subject is not selected). 

To search across multiple terms, choose “select all” or desired terms from term drop down list.

Partial course number searches are possible. The following searches are acceptable:

  1. Partial numbers (such as 95 of 954)
  2. 9_4  (any number combination)
  3. Section number
  4. Subject (in caps)