Academic Department Support

     A team of Academic Support Coordinators (ASCs) from the University Registrar’s Office (URO), provide ongoing assistance to all Faculty of Arts & Sciences academic departments, advise and train new DUS/DGS Assistants (often called “departmental registrars”), and support projects and operations within the URO.

Ongoing Support

     The ASCs are the main point of contact between DUS/DGS Assistants and the URO. The ASCs distribute a monthly email guide notifying departments of upcoming deadlines and providing instructions and resources. The ASCs also host monthly Registrar & Administrative Development (RAD) workshops and information sessions specifically for DUS/DGS Assistants. The ASCs monitor from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

     ASCs do not fill in or provide coverage when there is a vacant position within a department, but they do provide remote assistance as necessary. If temporary coverage is needed, contact Yale Temporary Staffing.

Training Program

     When a new DUS/DGS Assistant is hired, the ASC team will evaluate the training need based on several factors which include, but are not limited to, the size of the department and the scope of the assistant’s responsibilities. The training program intends to familiarize the primary department contact with academic policy, procedure, and systems, allowing them to work independently and extend support to others in their department. The training program for a new DUS/DGS Assistant with multiple academic tracking responsibilities in a large department, is an intense, often academic year-long program. Assistants with fewer responsibilities in a smaller department may have a less intense and frequent training program or more “on-the spot” training opportunities. Training is provided at the discretion of the URO, is based on availability of trainers, the time of year, and the URO assessment of the training needs.

Training Topics Covered

  • Yale College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Academic Policy and Procedure
  • Supporting the academic activities of the DUS/DGS
  • URO Systems*
    • CourseLeaf
    • Yale Course Search
    • Preference Selection
    • Section Management
    • Keys
    • Degree Audit/Academic Record
    • 25 Live
    • ApplicationXtender
    • FSA
    • FGS

Training Topics Out-of-Scope

  • Department Specific Systems/Non-URO systems. Examples:
    • Teaching Fellow System
    • Slate
    • Canvas
  • Department Chair Items
  • Conference and Events
  • Admissions and Recruitment
  • GSPS/Financials/WorkDay
  • Department Specific Policy
  • Department Specific Deadlines
  • Talks/Rotations/Exam Proctoring
  • Website Maintenance and Other Publications

Contact Information

Academic Support Coordinators:

  • Anne Letterman
  • Shanah Morehead
  • Nathesia Wethington


  • Shonna Marshall

*ASCs train for standard use of URO Systems. If a department uses a URO system in a different or more specific capacity, the ASCs cannot train on that aspect. The department would be responsible for providing this type of specific instruction.