Major Roadmaps

Mapping our Majors

Yale College offers over 75 majors, and it may be hard to choose amongst them. As you contemplate the choices, and even after you have chosen, it may be difficult to determine precisely which courses you need to take and when to take them in order to fulfill the requirements of the major.

The Yale College Deans Office in consultation with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies has undertaken a project designed to help students compare majors and navigate their ways through them. We have created a “roadmap” or visual representation indicating how students go through that major as well as a typical course sequence, in some cases. Many majors offer multiple paths, and the maps are designed to facilitate comparison. The roadmaps and typical course sequences are visually uniform so that students may easily compare one major with another at a glance. More detailed descriptions of the requirements for each major can be found under Subjects of Instruction in the Yale College Programs of Study.

We are currently working with Yale’s largest majors, but we are adding roadmaps regularly, so please check back for additions.