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Yale Course Search is the official resource for viewing and searching course offerings at Yale University. Students, faculty, staff, and the general public can use Yale Course Search to view basic information about course offerings in Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and several of the professional schools. Persons with an active NetID can login to Yale Course Search and utilize additional features, such as comparing course evaluations and creating planning worksheets.

Effective with fall 2018 course offerings, Yale Course Search will replace Online Course Information (OCI) and Yale College’s Yale Blue Book (YBB) applications. Online Course Selection (OCS) will remain the system for course enrollment for those schools who use OCS.

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For additional help, consult the Quick Guide for Comparing Course Evaluations.


Q: Is Yale Course Search what I use to enroll in courses?

A: No, Yale Course Search is primarily for searching and exploring course offerings. However, when logged in, students who use OCS to enroll in courses will see that the primary worksheet in Yale Course Search syncs with the OCS worksheet. Changes made in either application will save in both worksheets. For this reason, the primary worksheet is limited to 10 courses, which is the limit in OCS. New worksheets may exceed this 10 course limit.

Q: Am I limited to only 10 courses on my worksheet?

A: The Primary Worksheet is limited to 10 courses because it is integrated with OCS, which has this limitation. You may create new worksheets, however, which allow for an unlimited number of courses to be added.

Q: I made a change to my primary worksheet in Yale Course Search, but I’m not seeing it saved in my OCS worksheet. Why is that?

A:  You will need close and reopen your OCS worksheet if it was already open when making the change.

Q: What are the recommended browsers to use for Yale Course Search?

A: Yale Course Search performs best using the most current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer, you must deselect the Compatibility View settings.

Q: I don’t see the syllabus button for the course I’m viewing. Why is that?

A: Syllabi are posted by instructors on Canvas. If a syllabus button is missing from a course, it means the instructor for the course has not posted a syllabus to the course’s Canvas site yet.

Q: Can I compare courses and their evaluations?

A: Yes, instructions for comparing are above along with a video tutorial.

Q: Why is the Course Evaluations button grayed out on some courses?

A: If the Course Evaluations button is grayed out, it means no evaluation data is available for that particular course.

Q: What does the green check mark mean next to a course?

A: The green check mark indicates that you have already taken the course. Some courses are repeatable for credit. Please consult the description or relevant DUS to find out if a course is repeatable.

Q: Who can use Yale Course Search?

A: Limited course information is available to the general public through Yale Course Search. When logged in, additional information becomes available based on your role and your school.

Q: Where are the links to Course Demand Statistics and other resources?

A: These links are still available through Yale Course Search by scrolling to the bottom of the left-hand search panel.

Q:  After I finalize my OCS schedule worksheet will subsequent course changes I make be reflected on my OCS and YCS worksheets?

A:  No. Your worksheets will remain static to what you finalized in OCS.

Q:  After I finalize my OCS schedule worksheet can I make changes to my YCS primary worksheet?

A:  No. Once you finalize your schedule in OCS, your YCS primary worksheet will be locked for editing.