Forms & Petitions

Admission to Candidacy Certification
Admission to Candidacy Certification (Combined Program)
Archaeological Studies Master's Thesis Research
Change of Status Form with Instructions
Confidentiality Request
Course Waiver Petition
Degree Petition (En Route and Terminal)
Departmental Transfer Form
Dissertation Completion Status
Drop Second Major
Extended Registration - 7th Year
Extended Registration - 8th Year
Graduate Credit Request Form
Graduate School Course Schedule Change Form
Individual Study Course Information
Language Proficiency Certification
Language Proficiency Certification (Combined Program)
Law School Permission
Name or SSN Update
Petition for Credit Overload (Yale College)
Petition for Simultaneous Award of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees
Petition to Accelerate/Decelerate
Petition to Complete Degree Requirements at the End of a Fall Term
Petition to Complete the Requirements of Two Majors
Qualifying Examination/Prospectus Certification
Qualifying Examination/Prospectus Certification (Combined Program)
Request to Add Coursework Completed Outside Yale
Request to Enroll in a Professional School Course (Blue Form)
Simultaneous Degree Program Course Conversion Request
Summer Internship
Temporary Incomplete Grade Submission Request
Update Summer Session/High School/Norfolk Courses
Verification of Enrollment or Degree
Yale College Declare Candidacy for a Certificate
Yale College Discussion/Lab Section Management Form
Yale College Instructor's Midterm Report
Yale College Request for Leave of Absence
Yale College Schedule Change Form (Course Change Notice)
Yale College TI/ABX Request