Yale College Course Withdrawal Request form available

April 14, 2020

Drop Courses – drop with a “W” or without a “W” by May 6 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Go to the Forms page on the University Registrar’s Office website
  • Select the form “Yale College Course Withdrawal Request”
  • Select an eligible course to drop with a “W” or without a “W”
    • If a course has already been graded, it is not eligible 
  • Upon submission of the form, your Residential College Dean will review your request. You will receive an email confirmation when your Dean approves your request.
  • Reminder: Full-time enrollment in Yale College for Spring 2020 is minimally two course credits that carry a mark of Pass or Fail, and one course credit with a W. For questions about your enrollment status, contact your Residential College Dean’s Office.