Dissertation Progress & Submission

Dissertation Progress Report

Submission Policy

Dissertations for the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Doctor of Philosophy degree must be submitted to the Graduate School by March 15 for consideration at the May meetings of the degree committees, and by October 1 for consideration at the fall meetings of the degree committees. These deadlines have been established to allow sufficient time for readers to make careful evaluations and for departments to review those evaluations and make their recommendations to the Graduate School. No extensions of the deadlines will be granted. Dissertations submitted after the deadlines will be considered during the following term.

In accord with the traditional scholarly ideal that the candidate for a doctorate must make a contribution to knowledge, all dissertations that have been accepted by the Graduate School are made available in the library and published on microfilm (UMI Company). Publication on microfilm does not prevent the author from publishing the dissertation in another format at any time.

Students must register continuously until either they have been awarded the Ph.D. or six years have elapsed since matriculation, whichever occurs first. During the first six years, students must be registered through the term of dissertation submission. Registration beyond the sixth year is not required. Registered students that submit dissertations will remain registered until the end of the term and will retain all privileges of registration (e.g. library privileges and health care coverage). Students who complete all Ph.D. requirements within four continuous years of full-time study in the Ph.D. program will be registered and charged full tuition only through the term in which the dissertation is submitted. Students who have registered part-time or taken a leave of absence must complete the four-year full tuition obligation, regardless of when they submit the dissertation.

The Graduate School does not compel departments to evaluate the dissertations of degree candidates who are no longer registered. In practice, however, departments normally agree to evaluate these dissertations.