Registration Holds

If you have been placed on a registration hold, you are urged to resolve the hold as quickly as possible. You will be able to select courses through Online Course Selection, but you will not be able to complete the registration process until the hold is removed.

You can check the status of your registration holds through Student Information Systems (SIS). In SIS you can also look up your student financial account detail and balance, check the status of your financial aid, and verify the addresses maintained for you in the student database.

The holds are summarized below:
Possible reason
Whom to contact
Failure to satisfy grade requirements Too many missing grades or grades of Incomplete, Fail, or Pass Contact your department registrar or e-mail the University Registrar’s Office at
Failure to satisfy the Graduate School honors requirement For more information view Graduate School honors requirements
Failure to be admitted to candidacy PhD candidates must be admitted to candidacy by the end of the third year of study
Health services hold Health services does not have a record that you’ve been immunized against measles, rubella and/or meningitis Yale Health Immunization Department
55 Lock Street
Financial hold For more information view your account history Office of Student Financial Services
246 Church Street, 1st floor
(203) 432-2700
Graduate School Financial Aid Office
(203) 432-2739
No undergraduate transcript Transcript not received from your undergraduate institution E-mail the University Registrar’s Office at

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