How do I add or change a course’s day and time?

  1. Log into CourseLeaf WEN.
  2. Select the correct term.
  3. Double-click on the name of your department.
  4. Click the up and down arrows to the right of “Offerings” to expand the course details.
  5. Double-click a course’s instructor name or meeting pattern to open an editing window.
  6. Under “Schedule,” click the linked meeting pattern or HTBA.
  7. In the calendar window, click the “Patterns” drop-down list in the upper left.
  8. Click on the desired time pattern to select it.
  9. In the calendar, hover your cursor over the desired day and time. A gray box will appear with an approved time slot.
  10. Click in the gray box to select the meeting time. The gray box will turn green.
  11. To accept this meeting pattern, click the green “Accept” button.
  12. Click the green “Save Offering” button.
  13. Refresh the WEN page.
  14. Expand course details again, and the day and time you selected will appear with the course record.
  15. OCI should display the change after its three-hour refresh cycle.