Official Translation of Diploma

An official English translation signed and bearing the official seal of University is available for degree verification.  Please see below for details regarding requests of official translations.

Translations will be processed upon receipt of the completed application form.

Translations are sent via U.S. First-Class mail. Please allow 10 days delivery time by the Postal Service.

The completed translation, which includes the raised seal of the University, cannot be returned to you by email or fax.



This document is not official
unless embossed with the Seal of Yale University
and signed by the Secretary of the University

The President and Fellows of Yale University in New Haven in the State of Connecticut send solemn greetings to all to whom this document shall come. We, the President and Fellows of this University, admit ____________________ a candidate for *________ academic honors, to the degree of _____________ and we confer upon the graduate all rights, privileges and insignia pertaining to the honor. In testimony of that fact the seal of the University has been impressed upon this document and we, the President and the Secretary, have signed it on the ____ day of ______ in the year of Our Lord ______ and of Yale University the ______.



*Bachelor’s degree = first academic honors
  Master’s degree = second academic honors
  Doctor’s degree = highest academic honors

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