Dissertation Progress Report FAQs for Students

The Dissertation Progress Report is a tool that is used to track your progress from the time you are admitted to candidacy until you submit your dissertation.

Your initial DPR will be created when you are admitted to candidacy. You will be required to complete a new progress report on April 1st of each year until you submit your dissertation.

Upon submission of your DPR, you adviser(s) will receive an email notifying them that you have submitted a DPR for their review. Your DGS will also be notified once your adviser has completed their review.

You can email your adviser or your department registrar and request they return your DPR to you for modifications.

Upon successful submission, your DPR status will change from Requires Student Input to Pending Adviser Review.

Log back in to DPR to see the status of your DPR. The Report Status column will show if the status of your DPR.

Contact your department registrar and ask that your adviser be updated.

You will receive an email notification upon approval of you DPR.

Yes, you can log back into the DPR at any time to see reports that have been submitted. Click on the report year and a Report History block will pop-up. Click on the type of report you want to view, Student, Adviser, or DGS to see each report.

From your DPR Home page you can see the Pending Report and Prior Report.  The Prior Report will show a list of the report years in which your DPR has been completed or closed. Click on the report year to see previous assessments.