May I require students to use a commercial online education program that includes storing course work, such as tests and assignments, on the company’s servers?

Yes, but only if the company offering the program signs an agreement with Yale protecting the confidentiality of the students’ records and accepting its responsibility as a “School Official” under FERPA. If you wish to use such a program, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Are there any Yale records about a student that are not covered by FERPA?

In certain circumstances, some information in the following categories may not be considered “education records” covered by FERPA:

  • medical records;
  • law enforcement records;
  • employment records;
  • records about post-graduation alumni achievements; and
  • a faculty or staff member’s personal notes about a student that are not shared with others.

In addition, your personal observations of a student’s behavior are not education records covered by FERPA.

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